Fogra Wash Up Cloth

IMG_0070 Our Wash Up Cloth is a nonwoven fabric developed with the specific purpose of cleaning blankets using automatic blanket washing systems. To optimize the cleaning process it is required low lintine and high absorbency of washing solution.Those key requirements are assured by the following manufacturing highlights:

. Longer cellulose fibres which enable stronger bonds with less propensity to tear under tension.

. Spunlacing process (High water pressure jets) forms a sheet structure by subjecting the fibres to multiple rows of fine high-pressure jets of water This process enhance the mechanical characteristics of resistance during cleaning in dry and wet conditions.

Physical Properties

Unit weight 68 g/m2

Caliper variation 2%

Tensile strength MD 203 N/m

Tensile strength CD 52.8 N/m

Elongation MD 24.65 %

Elongation CD 107.54%

Absorbency capacity 490%

Absorbency rate 1.2 sec

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