Touch Screen 4 Colors Ink Draw Machine

random_pic_18_frandom_pic_19_frandom_pic_16_f Today, requirements of customers are very stringent and the customers require you to finish the jobs much faster. You need to have proper equipment to check the quality and keep it consistency that can help you to save the time. Don’t worry we believe that our 4 Colors Ink Draw Machine can help you to achieve your target under any tough condition. The machine has a Touch Screen control panel you just simply to adjust the printing condition by one key. Such as the printing speed from distribution roller to ink roller, the printing pressure from Distribution roller to blanket. It can provide a real color from the ink draw machine to printing presses.


1. Built-in system has already set the speed from ink roller to distribution roller and the distribution roller to printing blanket. You just simply to select the suitable speed from Touch Screen Control Panel.

2. You can also select the desire speed to fulfill any kind of condition.

3. One key to print and cleaning.

4. The printing pressure from blanket to ink roller can be adjust by visible scale. It can much easlier to adjust the pressure according different thickness of paper.

5. Along with an Ink pipette it can help you standardize same ink amount every time. This is an effective equipment to help you make the inks draw consistent.

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