Anilox Roller Brush

 random_pic_12_f A stainless steel brush should be used with chemical cleaners on ceramic anilox rolls, and a brass brush should be used for chrome rolls. These brushes will agitate the cleaner on the roll surface and into the anilox cells. A good brush has bristles with small diameters of .003 (3 thousandths) or less. At this diameter, bristles can reach the bottom of cell engravings of 280 line screen and below because the cell opening on a 280 line screen is 85 microns, or 3.34 thousandths. This does not mean brushes will not work on high line screen anilox rolls. On the contrary, brushes with chemical cleaners work well to agitate the cosmetics of the ceramic as well as the tops of the cell walls to loosen up the ink. In addition, a steel brush will not damage the anilox rolls or the cells.

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