Offset Ink (ISO12647 , ISO2846)

random_pic_06_frandom_pic_04_frandom_pic_03_f This industry is always changing, new and improved products, new information and new processes, all of which help to achieve an optimum level of ink performance. In order to build an ink that best fits your needs one key component that cannot be left out is ISO standard.ISO standard is the most important aspect in developing the right inks for your needs. It is one of the most important factors as an ink manufacturer in order to create a product that the properties, characteristics, qualities and requirements of the printer.We take pride in our ability to meet the high standards of quality, consistency, performance and service in our products that our customers have come to expect and entrust in their daily operations.This is why Impress Offset Printing Ink is able to customize our products and services to fit your needs.

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