Impress Ink Duct Foil

TB293K9cXXXXXXFXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!736956834 . The standard ink duct foil for conventional process/spot inks and gloss coatings is Impress Ink Duct Foil. It boasts impressive quality, secures reliable production, and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

. The main feature of the low-wear Impress Ink Duct Foil (Long Run) is its excellent durability. This ink duct foil is suitable for a wide range of inks, ensuring reliable processing of conventional, abrasive, and hybrid inks, opaque white, and coatings on smooth and screened ink fountain rollers.

. The Foil is suitable for day-to-day use on presses with screened ink fountain rollers.


. Manufactured to the precise specifications of Heidelberg

. Uniform ink transfer and excellent performance

. Easy fitting thanks to dimensionally stable foil edges

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